Andrew Storer



Originally from Suffolk I moved to London in 1998 after training as a chef and specialising in fine dining. Over the 20 years working in the city I worked with the likes of Albert and Michel Roux, and David Cavalier as head chef. In 2013 my family and I returned to Suffolk with the hopes to start my own business and after lots of searching we found our Deli in Walberswick which trading in 2015. Working with food is a passion and I have spent my life learning and dedicating myself to it, always wanting to improve. Over the years the Deli’s popularity grew and the word was out! We were a deli with a difference.

Seeing the business grow from just a small shop in a village on the Suffolk coast to what it has become now gives me a great sense of pride. Together with my business partner we have worked hard to achieve a reputation for producing some of the best food and Deli’s in the county. Our passion shines through in all our food and this has been greatly received by the local community. 

Michael Anfilogoff



I moved to Suffolk in 2017 and spent a number of years working as an artisan baker specialising in sourdough. In 2019 i established my first company Filo & Twine, an Event Catering Comapny with my good friend and business partner Ken Twineham.

After meeting Andy & Stef and then working alongside them at The Black Dog Deli Walberswick we decided to go into business together and open a wholesale foods company Black Dog Deli Foods Limited. Due to its success over the first year we decided to open our second Black Dog Deli in Halesworth in April 2021 with our good friend Damien Riseley.

In March 2021 Filo & Twine who had struggled through a hard year due to the collapse of the event industry during the pandemic, decided to move away from events and invest in a bakery. We now wholesale high end artisan sourdough to other local businesses.